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San Gil is located 96 kilometers from Bucaramanga, capital of the Department of Santander, and 327 kilometers from the capital of the Republic, Bogotá. Regarding the parallel of Ecuador and Meridian of Greenwich, the municipal head is located at 6º 33 'north latitude and 73º 8' west longitude.

It is the capital of the province of Guanentá and has an area of ​​149.5 square kilometers; At present, its urban area slightly exceeds 1000 hectares and its inter-municipal boundaries are: on the north with the municipalities of Villanueva and Curití, on the east with Curití and Mogotes, on the south with the San José Valley and Páramo, and in the west with Pinchote, Cabrera and Barichara.






San Gil has the workmanship of artisans. This is of recognized quality and ingenuity among which specialized and original works stand out. Craft products are of great national and international demand.

The most characteristic artisanal works and the places where they are produced are:

  • Various figures originated in maize cob pots, arrangements and flowers are manufactured mainly in Páramo and Aratoca.

  • Crafts to make tapestries, dividers, flat and collages paintings, and several utilitarian pieces are produced especially in Curití looms.

  • Other products such as sculptures, water sources, various utensils that are practical and useful for the domestic area on the basis of stone of the region, are made in Barichara; As if that were not enough, they also make sandals, bags, hats, hats and articles made from natural products.



The traditional dishes in San Gil are:

  • Mute

  • Tamal con arepa

  • Chicha

  • Guarapo

  • Cabro

  • Pepitoria

    Sopa de mondongo11

  • Carne oreada

  • Masato de arroz

  • Hormigas culonas

  • Tamal Santandereano

  • Arepa Santandereana

  • Sopa de maíz blanco aderezado con otros granos

  • Dulces elaborados de Apio, Limón, Cidra, Arroz y Piña

  • Sopa de arroz con gallina

  • Pichón (sopa)

  • Ají

  • Mondongo

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